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Achieve optimal performance in production and sale. Continuously add value added products at competitive prices by maintaining “Quality” as core element. Focus on customers’ satisfaction regarding sales, spares and service. Explore new markets and enhance customer base. Ensure right usage of company’s resources. Create employment opportunities. Protect the interest of stakeholders & Be a part of the country’s development.

be responsible and professional at all times; attend to our customers promptly; provide a timely, courteous acknowledgement, such as eye contact or a positive indication that we know a customer is waiting, especially if we are on the phone or with another customer; listen to requests/questions and ask for clarification if needed; be helpful, knowledgeable, and provide accurate information; respect the dignity of all and will show empathy and consideration in our words and actions; trust, respect, support and assist our coworkers; work cooperatively, as members of a team; be timely and meet deadlines; and contribute to a positive work environment.